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Tax Planning for Business in Germany

We are registered tax advisors and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Germany. We support our clients in Germany in all matters of statutory audits, accounting and tax declaration and tax planning. All partners of Hermann, Platz & Kollegen GmbH, the highly specialised Company - we work with in Germany - supports their clients result orientated and very professionally. See more * Herrmann, Platz & Kollegen

Business Valuation

There are many reasons to evaluate your business. The sale of the company, the valuation for inheritance tax purposes, Mergers and auisitions, employee participation, financing etc. We determine the value of your company on the basis of scientific and well recognized company valuation procedures, used by banks, tax authorities and courts. Especially in case of inheritance matters, we recommend to have your own well-founded business valuation, in order to avoid over taxation.

Due Diligence

As a buyer of a company or a complex economic entity we support you to only pay for what you get. We provide you with audited and complete information about the legal entity, which you plan to invest in. We carefully check the company by making risks visible that are important to you as an investor. This is, how we support you making safe decisions.


Control of profitability

Profitability is a general measure of efficiency in terms of a cost-benefit ratio, or for the rational use of scarce resources. It is commonly called the relationship between achieved success and the required use of funds. The aim is to achieve a financial goal using as little resources as possible or reaching with a given amount of capital the highest possible return. We develop economic plans relating single investments up to detailed business plans for complex entities, wich are the basis for investment decisions and the aquisition of financial funds.

Investment Strategy

Every investment requires careful planning and analysis of markets as well as investment products offered by banks and other financial "advisors". You are following one or more goals for growing your investments ? We tell you how to reach your goals safely. We use a holistic approach in our financial planning. Based on your personal living and income relationships, we create an individual asset accumulation and asset structure plan, that suits your special needs. In contrast to banks we advise you independently having always your peronal interest in mind.

The Partner You Can Trust

The Partner You Can Trust

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